Using Data Analytics to transform Supply Chain for an Agri Startup

Most startups have to survive and thrive in an environment full of contradictions. They need to use technology smartly to gain a competitive edge while overcoming budget constraints.

In this setting, the most important question that startups need to ask is ‘What is really relevant?’ and ‘How do I get what’s relevant at minimum costs?’

Unfortunately, sometimes, startups get taken in by fancy, new age data analytics tools and lose sight of the ultimate goal: to transform data into valuable insight. Surprising results can be achieved using minimal tools if you stay focused on this objective. Here is one such story of a Pune based agri-startup that used simple tools for breakthrough supply chain transformations. They conquered their data requirements with a combination of old workhorses: Microsoft Excel and Open Office tools

How An Agri-Startup Transformed Its Supply Chain Using Microsoft Excel And Open Office

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